Alameda Advisors Inc.

Converting Innovation to Sustainable Business
Our team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience as business executives,
serial entrepreneurs, investors and turnaround leaders.  Our team has been covered in the press
and news, spoken at conferences and has many publications.  Our expertise covers business,
marketing, finance and many leading technologies.  All team members have advanced degrees plus
long track records of achievements.
Our Team
Richard W. Helfrich
Richard W. Helfrich is has been a venture
and corporate investor, and serial
entrepreneur.  One startup he founded is on
NASDAQ.  Richard has also been public
company turnaround leader, and
technology commercialization leader.  He
has served on company boards in
advanced materials, alternative energy,
semiconductors, electronic equipment,
medical and communications hardware to
provide focus on customers and improve
corporate governance.     

Richard has had executive business and
marketing roles in large enterprises,
mid-sized companies and startups.   
Helfrich has formed teams to increase
commercialization from innovations at
universities, government labs as well as
corporate labs, around the world. Helfrich
has served on over 20 Small Business
Innovation Research panels awarding
grants to small businesses.
Helfrich’s interests are in improving economic
growth and the quality of life through both
technology and a technology savvy workforce.  It is
important in our rapidly evolving world that
individuals understands how to use technology
for their own benefit and to innovate in their own
endeavors.  Helfrich promotes public policy
initiatives regionally and globally through
promotion of legislation, fiscal reform and
intellectual capital.  Richard is promoting
programs for expanded K-12 science education,
reduced regulatory and governance burdens for
small business, and programs to encourage
more spinouts/startups from federally funded and
corporate research.  
Richard has a AB degree in Physics, an MS in
Electrical Engineering and a premed education
covering chemistry and biochemistry.  He has
been a speaker at over 50 conferences and
events and has been interviewed on television
news and in the business and trade press.  

"Rich is an exceptional corporate
advisor.  He generously offered his
experience and network and provided
wonderful support to our executive
team.  His knowledge of venture
investing, markets and customers was
a plus in identifying where our
technology adds the most financial
value.  His broad experience and
personal contacts covering a wide
range of markets and technologies
and major customers in invaluable in
developing a market driven strategy.  
Rich provides solid advice and
excellent mentoring."

Tom Nufert
Co-founder and Corporate
Development Officer
Nanopolymer Systems Corp.
"Rich provided expert guidance, connections and
boundless energy both as active investor and board
member. Rich's background has been a particular
asset since he can articulate complex technical issues
to other investors and provide instant feedback on
high-level schedules, manufacturing contracts and
project management. He provided direction in
targeting customers, setting patent strategy and
interfacing with other investors, customers and law
firms. Rich was able to quickly bring outside resources
connecting our startup with potential investors,
management, and suppliers."

Dominik Schmidt, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & CTO
Airify Communications, Inc.
“Rich serves as board member and business
development advisor. He provides continuous support
and advice for our corporate vision and strategy.  His
very broad knowledge and extensive experience have
proven to be valuable in critical corporate matters such
as corporate governance, complex finance related
issues and innovative approaches to correct
organizational structures.  Rich provides a generous
level of his time even with his many commitments.  
Such counsel and assistance has value beyond money
to a company founder with a technology background.”

Quoc Pham, Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Scientist
Evogy, Inc.
780 Montague Expressway, Suite 305
San Jose, CA 95131
"I have worked with Rich for more than two years on a
start-up technology venture and have been
consistently impressed with his knowledge of
emerging energy technologies, his awareness of
changing political trends, his personal willingness to
go the extra mile in assisting his associates, and his
candor about the "unseen" technical fundamentals
that affect marketability, particularly those that distort
value based on popularity trends and political
correctness. He is a rare breath of fresh air, particularly
given his breadth of experience in so many phases of
business development."

teve Fowkes